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The Internet of things application: wearable medical devices of various types

In addition to smartphones, smart watches, samsung giants such as apple still play?The answer is wearable medical equipment.Health care as a human eternal topic, once and hi-tech wearable devices, may be tipping is the size of the next decade may be over billions of dollars in emerging markets.If the early stage of the science and technology company is only in the commercial layout, and model to explore, so now there are a variety of wearable medical devices into our sight.
In may this year samsung in San Francisco to unveil the wrist strap "Simband" health, the next Intel also introduced a smart T-shirt products, while apple stand higher, rf module launched in June "healthkit" platform, hoping to attract more merchants.In addition, like the Jawbone, plump, and many other domestic and foreign manufacturers have also introduced the main health concept of wearable devices.

Throughout has a variety of wearable medical devices on the market, the author discovered a problem, is that most vendors still confined to the concept of "health" as a stunt rather than substance, most products are only provides step gauge, heart rate detection, such as heat calculation and so on minority several functions, and homogeneity.You just buy a product, it is hard to say, and other products are essentially different.So, wearable medical equipment is only play the concept of the shallow level?Is otherwise, the author thinks that the manufacturer can let your imagination, can play more wearable medical equipment.
Fully tap the potential value of the data
Currently on the market most of wearable medical devices are true of health data collection, such as heart rate, amount of exercise, sleep time and so on, but in the system management and the potential value of the data mining on doing enough.For users, heart rate, amount of exercise is just an abstract Numbers, it is difficult to get a perceptual knowledge.Some products can really achieve "health management" to a certain extent, such as a period of time you exercise will remind you to take more exercise.Or for a period of time the heart rate falsely often remind you to pay attention to rest, but on the whole, few companies can also and professional cooperation of medical institutions, from the perspective of a more professional to mining data reveal the state of health.And if can do this, can derive more wearable medical equipment business model.
CardioNet from the United States is a nasdaq listed company, its products are MCOT is a kind of wearable medical devices, it can record the patient's ecg data within 30 days, and the transmission of data through the network to the monitoring center.Based on the support of professional medical institutions and companies in the big data research, CardioNet background to in-depth analysis of these data, and generating reports sent to patients.At the same time, once found abnormal heart rate and timely sent to the monitoring center for special medical personnel records and analysis, and in the detecting life crisis alert to doctors in a timely manner.
Because product abnormal detection effect is excellent, and can often be found when I was in the patient's own not feeling unwell potential problems, CardioNet also attracted the attention of the insurance company.In June last year, the company and the joint health insurance company signed three years of cooperation agreements, which would buy a large number of products of more than 70 million health care for its customer service.
Value in the data mining, there are also some companies have adopted another kind of business model innovation.In the United States, there have been some companies try to wearable medical equipment provided free of charge to the user to use, as the price, they must agree to provide the data from the device to the insurance company.The insurance company pay for these data, through the data they can analyze the user's habits and customs, as the basis of adjusting the premium.In fact this is not innovation, such as Progressive tracker's driving behavior will make the connection between premium and the insured driving habits, in the past five years it has received more than one hundred and fifty thousand clients, now science and technology company was merely a set of moved to the wearable medical devices.

Thus, once the introduction of professional medical institutions to cooperate, cold data was endowed with more value.The data mining and analysis of a set of perfect mechanism is established, can give birth to more diversified business model.Biosensor technology in recent ten years in the development of rapid, velocity anomaly by human wearable medical devices have been able to monitor physical data more and more, but how to use these data in acme instead let down by many companies.Wearable medical devices should not be only data collection platform, should be followed by a strong ability to analyze and integrate to support.
In the future, professional research institutions, hospitals, insurance companies, such as business surveys can be wearable medical device partners.Related companies can use a more open eyes to see the development of wearable medical equipment, not limited to the hardware itself.

Provide support for remote medical treatment
The concept of telemedicine are fired for many years, has been pressed.The remote medical treatment is still a limitations of traditional treatment, still put on a set of needs in a specific physical address of the remote medical system.To a certain extent, it can solve the problems of the medical resources distribution, but from the real diagnosis still have large distance anytime and anywhere.And the rapid development of wearable medical devices, as a real diagnosis brings hope anytime and anywhere.

Remote medical treatment, but also is the video, audio, and monitoring equipment to the various types of human body physiological signal transmission through the network to the long distance, let the medical staff to remote diagnosis is made on the patient.In the past because of the limitation of technology, the detection instrument can only do is big and heavy, so the patient still need to the appointed place to remote treatment.But today, the volume of all kinds of biosensors have been able to do it is small enough, even integration within a bracelet, is really let us see the possibility of remote medical treatment "anytime, anywhere".
If any company can make such a machine, that can detect many human physiological indexes, but also with a camera, microphone, etc., with professional medical institutions, to provide users with services such as regular physical examination, remote diagnosis, may is the rhythm of a listed company.In technical limitations should be not huge, the key lies in the integration of resources and business model innovation.
Do deep wide outside also can consider
Now everyone expects all sensors are all stuffed into equipment, make products as comprehensive as possible, but do have another way of thinking is wide.Rather than doing a lot of products, it is better to focus on a point perfectly, sometimes small and beautiful instead more easy to success.
ZEO such as the United States, the equipment is only do one thing: to detect the user's sleep condition and provide personalized guidance.Somebody else did not advise you carry momentum and allow you to drink water more, but the first round easily won million in financing, business outlook is pretty good.
And WellDoc, for example, focuses on data monitoring and treatment of diabetes guidance, just a few short years time will grow up to be one of the most well-known mobile treatment company in the United States.
For wearable medical equipment manufacturers, big can consider to choose according to their own actual situation a point to do deep, in the field of a supremely well might actually can easier to open the situation.
Wearable medical equipment is a new thing, hardware technology, mature business model is far from all aspects.In the head at the same time, manufacturers may be more need of imagination, and don't let your past shackled by the inertia of you.Believe in the future the market will be more and more different forms of the birth of a new play.