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In 2019, the wisdom city the size of the market will reach .2665 trillion

According to the report, as more and more people choose to live in the city, the government will face challenges in infrastructure, such as building more city residents, and for the vigorous development of the developed equipment needed for public facilities.In addition to creating new city, the existing city should also be upgraded in order to adapt to the growing population, meet the need of the wisdom of the transportation, security, energy management, co2 emissions and sustainability, or the needs of the use of renewable energy.

Wisdom city market revenue to 2019 will be .26658 trillion

Wisdom city the size of the market, says the report is expected to rise by 14 in 654.57 billion to 19 in 1.26658 trillion, from 2014 to 2019 annual compound growth rate of 14.1%.Using of different parts of the report also analyzed the trend and future prospect of growth potential, competition and market ecosystem value chain, the regional coverage in North America (NA), Europe, Latin America (LA), example (APAC) in the asia-pacific region and the Middle East and Africa (MEA), and other areas.Example, the report forecast APAC and MEA the wisdom of the city will be extremely fast growth, APAC and MEA also will be the highest revenue generating market.

Intelligent meter can monitor you?

America's many utilities are deployed for the client intelligent meter, in order to better manage the consumption of water, gas and electricity.These intelligent meter let customers real-time monitor their own consumption, and utilities suppliers can also reward the use of smaller customers in rush hour.Intelligent meter on the downside, if the user forgot to pay the bill, you could be remote to turn off water and electricity or gas.The good news is that after paying the bill, need to get through is just as easy, Here is the credit for rf module

Some people in this kind of remote access and monitoring some worry, so don't want to upgrade the meter of home meter into wisdom.But the utility company headquartered in Philadelphia, PECO advanced grid operating technology (AdvancedGridOperationsandTechnology) RonKatzman refers to the immediate manager, in his company, by the meter data to get and transmit data to ensure that is safe.After installation of intelligent meter, PECO will of communication is encrypted, prevent hackers damage the user's household environment.He also pointed out that the intelligent meter reading is associated with meter, not associated with tenants.

Katzman has said, "the data of anonymity is very strong. For example, rf module using the information I need to see the customer's stage, to determine the customer isn't on the meter or service encountered what problem. Maybe they often power outages there. We need to get this information, there is a very good reason. But I will not look at the information said, 'RonKatzman lived here?' I looked at the information is only will say, 'no. 123 table is like this.'"

However, some people still think intelligent meter suspected spy.In some American states, residents can choose to pay a fee, choose not to take part in the intelligent meter transition plan, but some companies to meet the requirements of the local government must be installed in every household in the next 10 years intelligent meter.For those who oppose the intelligent meter is a problem, but as Katzman has pointed out, if they want to continue to get electricity, gas and water, they may have no choice, only agreed to install intelligent meter.

If some families are really intelligent meter, they can also solve on their own, the use of renewable energy technology in the house, such as solar panels or wind power generation, etc.

How safe is intelligent building?

In order to make buildings more energy efficient, it is necessary to heating, lighting, ventilation, elevators and other system based on Internet network.But also you can see, because these systems such as integrated with smart grid system of the outside world, the move regardless of the safety and security of the building itself and people, there is a huge threat.

Analysts believe that the safety of the equipment to provide these connections is not enough, and, due to the construction building manager will only focus on the building, the connected devices may cause disturbance by malicious attackers.From building is sent to the wisdom of grid data may be affected, while building management personnel may not know of the existence of external security hidden danger.

British engineering technology of network security kingpin HughBoyes said, "this is an interesting for enterprise IT personnel challenges. They need to know, increasingly complex network is becoming a part of their building, into the spiralling out of control."

SmartBuildings limited liability company, the director of the JimSinopoli pointed out that the communication protocol used in the intelligent building (such as BACnet and LonTalk) and for compatibility and use these protocols connecting device is open and transparent, thus increase the chances of a system under attack.A security vulnerabilities in the system may have a domino effect, endanger the whole network.

RolfvonRoessing is security consulting firm in Germany Forta company President and ISACA sponsors professional influence and propaganda committee member.He suggested that, in order to deal with these risks, IT industry should be extended to information security and network security management process of intelligent building and building belongs to connected component.