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2014,The global intelligent household industry three characteristics

Internal heat, cold outside, most people don't understand, have become the three major characteristics of smart home.
"My hand ring record I sleep, get up, I want to sleep then why not detected turn off the TV, acoustics, all the lights, curtains, detect when I got up open again?"Huang Jiangji thoughts and many vendors in the eyes of intelligent household concept is consistent, in their eyes, even now there are no a real sense of smart home products.
Where is the smart home 1.0: the Internet of things?

Released on May 11, ink weather air monitoring and intelligent products "air", although the ink weather CEO Jin Li with jobs, Google and even MAO zedong's idea to wrap the advanced product, but after a few comments as you can see, this product has not been widely regarded in the industry.An audience, according to the air is very bad, it besides tell me home outside worse than nothing, and I will pay more than 900 dollars.
On the roll call time, from intelligent lights by rf module, intelligent switches, intelligent sound to intelligent toothbrush from soup to nuts, and the concept of intelligence is nothing but by sensors and communication module connected to WIFI, and through the cloud server connected to the phone, or even directly through the WIFI phone, rf module with smartphone control.
Equipment between independent each other, form the information isolated island, and then connected to the Internet through a router, control by mobile phones, now has become the most typical features of smart home products.
This leads to the three questions:
1, the level of intelligence is intelligent control, control equipment from the button, the remote control into a mobile phone, gestures or voice, from close control to remote control;
2, every vendor wants to occupy the user's mobile phone, if you don't have a strong enough platform to solve this problem, the end result is the user control appliances in the cell phone APP can take screen.
3, the user needs to pay for the level of intelligent high economic costs, has not produced the corresponding benefits.