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Release to the future Internet of things development strategy in the European Union

Recently, the European commission in the form of policy document, released the eu "digital dividend" exploitation and development strategy of the future Internet of things.

All eu members were required to since 2012, realize the conversion from analog TV to digital TV, and release the "digital dividend" frequencies, rf module caused by the stimulation of wireless business development.Concrete solution is to use 790 MHZ to 862 MHZ frequency band, for 3 g and 4 g cell phone video on the Internet, download, such as wireless business, realizing a complete coverage of the eu area high-speed broadband by the end of 2013 goals, and to promote cross-border e-commerce development and the European Union area single wireless market.

The eu said, want to maximize the use of this opportunity, the whole of Europe must be coordinated developing strategy.The European commission estimates that if able to unify the eu area before 2015 "digital dividend" the use of spectrum, after 15 years will bring the eu the economic interests of the 20 billion ~ 50 billion euros.

At present, in the television broadcasting services from analog to digital conversion process, each country's strides.Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium Flemish region has achieved digital TV conversion, Austria, Denmark, Malta, Slovenia and Spain will achieve this goal in 2010, slow only Ireland and Poland in other member states.

Iot strategy based on the Internet to help the eu in led intelligent infrastructure development, in addition to the ICT development plans to invest 400 million euros, launched more than 90 research and development projects to raise the level of intelligent network, the commission will also be an annual increase of 200 million euros in 2011 ~ 2011 to further strengthen research and development strength, took out 300 million euro fund at the same time, support iot related public-private partnerships for short-term projects.