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The advantages and disadvantages in China in the global Internet construction analysis

In the early 1990 s, the concept of Internet of things has been put forward, but it was not until 2005, Tunisia after the world summit on information society, the concept was widely popular, and thus began the Internet of things in the world's construction boom.After eight years of rapid development, the informationization in countries with high degree are a breakthrough in terms of the Internet of things.But for a revolution of information technology, the energy of the Internet of things much more than that, worldwide, the Internet is still in its infancy, in the research and development and applications, there is plenty of space to explore.

The potential of the Internet of things is that higher penetration, in light of the characteristics of our country in the development of the Internet of things has two big natural advantage.

rf module

First, the scale advantage.The current scale is an important factor of restricting iot industry is high cost, in general, only scale up, cost to come down, this is a pair of mutual restriction relations.China has a population of 1.3 billion, is the world's second largest economy, in the two aspects of economic strength and power consumption, has a unique advantage.At present, we have to do is continue to increase policy support, investment, encourage innovation, wait until after forming scale effect, nature can break through the bottleneck of price.

Second, the industrialization of advantage.Iot can promote economic development mode from extensive to intensive changes, in the transformation of economic development, this is what we need.Iot industry chain including the sensor manufacturing, chip manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, software development, network services, a big market, rf module raw materials and the use of existing reserves, patent technology, the advantages of the developed sensor network, we can realize the Internet of things of the whole industry chain cover, this is many countries in the world.

While maintaining the advantage, disadvantage and can't be ignored.Information security is difficult to guarantee, international standard is the difficulties faced by all countries.In addition, our country also existence network enterprises small in scale, innovation system is imperfect and so on.

Booming Internet industry in China in recent years, many businesses hungry, Internet start-ups.