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Car networking development human demand is imminent

Today, nearly every car brands including independent brands in brewing networking products and improve their own car, just days before the arrival of the change, car companies want to know is: what consumers really need a car networking?
Twenty years later, what will our driving car?We witnessed the apple guide mobile intelligent revolution, the release of the load of people's life to pursue higher expectations.Similarly, the change of the car is not mobile phone as severe, but indeed in every little bit of change people's life, people for car has not just as easy transportation.

Recently, saic has released the latest inkaNet3.0 man-machine interactive system, a "car networking" products can be 95% of the operation to the driver's line of sight from the front, and the function of the new system more powerful.Let people get to know cars will bring people except driving experience, but the actual application is out of reach.

The Asian games village in Beijing beichen automobile business information center manager rf module when accepting a reporter to interview, said: "like apple in the mobile car networking do change, will be better to use information technology in the car, but the current technical level on the promotion still in primary stage."

Experts point out that, at present our country car networking industry development the main question is: in the industrial system has not been established, the industrial overall is still in its infancy, lack of legislation and legal obstacles, cross industry, management coordination is difficult, the industrial chain isolated, innovation business profit model is difficult to establish;Core technical level is relatively backward, standardization work is lack of effective overall coordination;Security issues outstanding.

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