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Grasp the wisdom city new opportunities for networking architecture

Fast urbanization is positive change, we must explore a more "healthy" a new path of urbanization.

The sensors embedded in every corner of the globe is expected to power grids, railways, Bridges, tunnels, roads and other objects, and put them universal connection, form the so-called "Internet of things", by "Internet" the "Internet of things" together, realizes the social and physical integration of the world.In the Internet of things and a new generation of information technology, in a seamless,rf module friendly man-machine interface, that wisdom city truly possible.

Plans by the government to promote the wisdom of the city, there is a blueprint, but its connotation and the target is still very fuzzy, mostly in the stage of exploration and test, in the process to pay special attention to the Internet of things era privacy, data security and other issues that may occur.

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Wisdom city, resolve the medicine of the "city disease"
Urbanization, informally is human constantly from rural to urban migration process.

According to the relevant statistics, in 2000, a quarter of more than 500000 people of the world's cities are in China.In the early 1980 s, that is, the early reform and opening up, the rural population accounts for about 80% of the population, and the 2012 China's new urbanization report pointed out that China's urbanization rate has exceeded 50%.This means that for the first time China's urban population more than the rural population, speeding up China's urbanization process, has entered a new turning point.

Urbanization is the inevitable trend of social development, its basic meaning is "better life".Urban construction and management should be people-oriented, provide public services for different classes, let the general public to enjoy the urbanization of a better life.However, in the process of urbanization brings to our life convenient and at the same time, also a lot of the trouble with this.

City disease refers to some negative phenomena in the process of rapid development, such as the crowded population, traffic jam, employment difficulty, housing, public health deterioration, environmental pollution and ecological destruction, etc.Especially in recent years, with the rapid transformation of our social economy, urban ill a trend of high incidence and cause the extensive concern of the society from all walks of life.Urban congestion problems become increasingly serious, for example, why urban congestion?A lot of time because the owner lack of effective information chose inappropriate route, and don't master information system of real-time traffic department cannot or prescient guidance vehicle in time.For example, often say city electricity tension, why be nervous?Analysis showed that 40% to 70% of electricity is not consumed in the client, but the way online, it shows that in addition to increase the output as much as possible, the whole transmission process of electricity and a lot of places in need of improvement.

Therefore, urbanization is positive change fast, we must explore a more "healthy" a new path of urbanization.If we use fine way to manage city, using advanced information technology, improve the urban planning, construction, management and service of intelligent level, the so-called wisdom city, is likely to be solve city