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New ZigBee agreement promote iot equipment efficiency

Recently, the ZigBee alliance announced a new version of ZigBee 920 IP Internet protocol (IP) has completed the development and testing, the standard is the world's first based on Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) wireless mesh network (MeshNetworking) solution, the future will be applied to the low power consumption and low cost of home energy management of the grid network and its associated equipment, promote iot equipment efficiency and interoperability.
As mobile Internet, smart wearable devices are flawed, the industry for low power consumption sensors and chips such as there is a pressing demand in terms of connectivity and compatibility.920 IP, the ZigBee alliance to launch new agreement designed to respond to Japan's communications ministry (MIC) of the specified 920 MHZ for home energy management system (HEMS), and promote a simplified ECHONET become the standard of smart home.ZigBee alliance has with Japan telecom technology committee (TTC) and ECHONET alliance agreement, and will work together to promote the popularity of 920 IP.
920 IP ZigBee to launch a new agreement

It is reported, 920 IP protocol will support a simplified ECHONET and HEMS.This standard by increasing the network layer, security and the application framework, strengthen the IEEE802.15.4 standard.In addition, 920 IP protocol based on standard Internet protocols, provide a more cost-effective and energy-efficient wireless jump (Multi - hop) grid network, such as 6 lowpan, IPv6, UDP and routing protocol (RPL).
In addition, 920 IP protocol support such as transport layer security - in advance the Shared secret wpa2-psk (TLS), extended certification communication protocol (EAP), PANA (ProtocolforCarryingAuthenticationforNetworkAccess), the link layer frames security (such as LinkLayerFrameSecurity) based on the advanced encryption standard (AES) - 128 - CCM algorithms of security and identity authentication.
ECHONET association director, points out that the lite version ECHONET will become Japan's HEMS application interface standards;Thus ZigBee alliance with a simplified ECHONET and 920 MHZ options, can be expected in the future in the market will have higher interoperability and popularity.Japan telecom technical committee expected, ZigBee alliance issued 920 IP will become the global standard, and will drive after release energy management solutions, and expand market penetration in Japan.
It is reported, 920 IP standard updates in the future work will be respectively by OKI, NECEngineering, Ad - SolNissin, rf module, Texas instruments (TexasInstruments) and SkyleyNetworks responsible.
The Internet of things will change the future life
The Internet of things, just as its name implies is something connected to the Internet, it with the Internet as the core and foundation, is conducted on the basis of its extension and the expansion of the network system.And its clients can extend and expand to any of the items and items, for information exchange and communication.
As a result, the Internet of things on all kinds of objects can be defined as the device of radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors, qr code, etc., through the interface connected to the wireless network, to give "smart" objects, which can realize people and objects of communication and dialogue, can also realize object with communication and dialogue between each other, this will object to connect network known as the "Internet of things".
And is now in the popularity of IPv6 can be considered to support almost unlimited number of connections, so through the sensor network, items by low energy consumption between sensor collection, transmission, analysis and distribution of data, make family life more comfortable.Now based on Zigbee, 6 lowpan and Z - wave sensors are being used in large quantities.
Such as Zigbee has been built into the intelligent home appliances and smart meters.6 lowpan (based on IPv6) has been the father of the Internet VintCerf in his cellar temperature monitoring system.Z - Wave is Verizon smart home automation service.And yet in many innovative way of using emerge continuously.As the Netherlands Sparked a new company in cow ears into the sensor, to monitor the cow health and whereabouts.Sensors were embedded in the shoes, asthma spray, such as drugs, and research-based surgical medical devices.
The Internet of things connect the intelligence world
In conclusion, along with the appearance of new ZigBee protocol and other Internet protocols and applications in gradually improve, we see the vast space of the development of the Internet of things, also outlined a comprehensive range of intelligent connection for us the blueprint of the world.Looking forward to more and better Internet of things technology and related products, in the near future can rapid popularization, in such aspects as food and clothing live line for people to bring the convenience of application.