HAC-GW-L LoRa Concentrator

HAC-GW-L LoRa Concentrator

Concentrator HAC-GW-L :


The HAC-GW-L which include RF receiver and GPRS, receive the data from meter and transmit the data to server.

Main functions of concentrator:

1) Meter ID Management
2) Meter Uplink Data Management
3) Broadcasting Info Management
4) Server Downlink Data Management

Technique Specs:
Working voltage +4.75~5.25V
Working frequency 475~495MHz
Frequency stability ±2.5PPM
Working bandwidth 125KHz
Tranmitting power 17dBm/27dBm
Transmitting current <350mA
Receiving sensitivity -136dBm
Receiving current <60mA
Working temperature -40℃~80℃

GPRS spec:
Working frequency EGSM900/DCS1800MHz
Max tranmitting power EGSM900 Class 4 (2 W)
GSM1800 Class 1 (1 W)
Receiving sensitivity <-106dBm
Working voltage 4.0V
Working temperature -40°C?80°C

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