HAC-ML loRa module

HAC-ML loRa module

Wireless module HAC-ML in the meter:

HAC-ML contains measurement, detection, data saving, valve control, can fit for different kinds of meters.

The technique spec is as following:

Working Frequency 475~495MHz
Transmitting Power 17dBm
Frequency Stability ±5PPM
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃ (-40℃~80℃ Optional)
Working Bandwidth 125kHz/250kHz
Working voltage +2.8~6V
Receiving current ≤20mA
Transmitting current ≤130mA
Tramsmitting time max transmitting time ≤1.5s
Transmitting interval ≤ 24 hours.
Distance ≥5000m (LOS, line of sight)
Electric Parameter of Valve Voltage: 2.8~3.6V, Current: ≤160mA
Sleep current ≤8μA
Average working current ≤20μA
Size 42.1mmx24.8mmx3.2mm

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