HAC-LBee V3.1 2.4G ZigBee Modules

HAC-LBee V3.1 2.4G ZigBee Modules

HAC-LBee V3.1  2.4G ZigBee Modules

----- Smaller size, high anti- interference, automatic network

*Home appliances intelligent control

*Auto Meter Reading system

*Industry telemetry and automatic data collection system

*Wireless monitor, door??s security, personnel orientation

*Traffic and the control for street lamp

*Logistics, active RFID and wireless handheld terminal

*Temperature and humidity control system for hotel



 Power Output:

 20dbm (Default)

 RF Line-of-sight Range:


 RF Effective Rate:


 Interface baud rate:


 Space Channel:




 Receiver Sensitivity:




 Networking Topology:

 IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, ZigBee ntomatic etwork,  Transparent,formatted  API and AT command


 Modbus  transmission protocol  (Optional ex-factory)


 TI CC2530F256 ,256k Flash


 4 ways ADC, 4 ways IO port?customized ??





 Supply Voltage:


 Transmit Current:


 Receive Current:


 Sleep current:

 ??3µA?customized ??



 Communication Mode:


 Frequency Band:


 Modulation Mode








 35.1mm??24.4mm??4mm ?excluding antenna base and data pin??



 Antenna Base:

 50???? chip antenna

 Operating Temperature:


 Frequency Stability:























The above tables only contain the general information of the specific modules, for further details on each module please consult your product manuals and our sales.

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